The Making of A Mural

The Butterflies class created a mural where they depicted what animals do in winter. They painted a large, white paper with a blue sky, hills of snow and some ice. They made the underground area with torn brown paper. This shows where the animals hibernate. To create birch trees, they painted black and white strips of paper with contrasting color using small pieces of cardboard. They cut out triangles from painted green paper. They learned about size and perspective by placing the small trees toward the top and larger ones on the bottom of the hills so they appear closer. The kids used makers to draw the animals--deer, fox, bear, rabbits, a cardinal and more! They placed them on the

The "Mingle" Math Game

Today in the Butterflies class the students played a game where they walked around the room and "mingled." When teacher Mary called out a number, they got into groups of that quantity. They then practiced their counting by making sure each group had the correct number of kids, and then skip counted by 3's, 5's, etc. to get the class total. If there were an odd number of kids that were not in a group, they became the "remainders" and then given a special task for the next round (like mingling while skipping or quacking like a duck). Good friendship skills were also practiced as the kids were encouraged to kindly invite children into their groups if they added up to the right number or to

Welcome Music Teachers Mycal and Theresa

The preschool participated in Worship Wednesday yesterday and music today, lead by the new Parish music director, Mychal Lotz, and his wife, Theresa. The children practiced new and familiar songs and had a lot of fun!

Math Games

In the Butterflies class today the students played a game to build on their math skills. One student choose numbers on sticky notes to place next to cardboard tubes (attached to the white board with adhesive magnets). Their partner then placed that many pom poms down the tube, where they would land in the basket below. They then counted all of the poms together to get the total.


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