Heart Art for Grandparents and Special Friends

The children made some awesome artwork for our Grandparents and Special Friends event last week! Hearts and love were a focus for many of the projects and it helped extend Valentine's Day celebrations throughout the week! The heart tree is an especially pretty piece of collaborative art. The students painted paper in reds, whites, blues and pinks and these were added to the "handprint" tree trunk. Paper flowers "grow" along the base of the tree.

Sorting and Strengthening

We love projects that help kids in several ways at once. Dyed pasta in fun shapes and a variety of colors can be picked up with kid-sized tongs, or "pinchers." They can sort them into baskets of the same color and using the tongs helps develop the muscles in their hands, making it easier for them to later grip writing instruments and scissors! When they work in a group, they are also practicing cooperation.

Learning about the Chinese New Year

The Butterflies class have been learning about Chinese customs and traditions surrounding the Chinese New Year Celebrations. The children created lanterns using red and yellow papers, stamps and glitter. They practived their cutting skills to make the slits in the lantern allowing it to bend outward at the middle. The kids also learned how to write some Chinese Symbols. They choose from words like heart, family and earth. The children love learning about different cultures and reading stories about them.

Spring is in the Air

It feels like an early Spring here at the preschool! We have been enjoying some beautiful, warm days on the playground. The children love seeing the tulip buds emerging from the garden beds and studying tulips and paperwhites indoors. We delivered cheerful heart Valentines to the Parish office this week to show our appreciation to the staff and to brighten the hallways.

Celebrating Friendship, Love and Catholic Schools Week

The children have been working on some amazing artwork for Catholic Schools week and projects in preperation for Valentine's Day next week. Each class has been making some awesome "heart art" using a variety of materials and methods. For Catholic Schools week, the Sunflowers made beautiful painted crosses and the Butterflies are making Rosaries.

The Spiderweb

The Butterflies class created a Spiderweb with yarn. Attentive listening skills and cooperation were necessary to make the game successfull. Teacher Mary started the game by holding one end of the yarn and tossing the wound ball to a student. Each child then held a piece of the yarn and then gently tossed the ball to another student until everyone was connected. They then worked together to lift and lower the web. The kids all loved it!


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