Meet Sniffles and Sparky!

We have two new additions to the preschool and they are adorable! Meet Sniffles and Sparky, the Guinea Pigs who have made their home in the Sunflower's class room. The children are having so much fun learning about the animals and what goes into their care and feeding. They are doing an excellent job of being gentle and responsible with them. They even created an amazing place space for Sniffles and Sparky with their building blocks. We know these furry friends will be a big asset to the classroom and learning environment!!

The Ethereal Jelly Fish

The Sunflowers class have been studying oceans and the creatures that inhabit them. They have been making a lot of fun ocean creature artwork. Their jellyfish are particularly striking. Teacher Genny helped the children make paper mache domes on balloons, which they then painted and added wiggly eyes. Next, the kids attached a variety of yarn and ribbon pieces and spiral painted paper to create their wavy, trailing tentacles. The students also did realistic drawings of jellyfish with crayons. A third jellyfish project was to use oil pastels on paper covered with watercolors with some paint splatter and glitter glue for beautiful, sparkling dimension. We think they all turned out as amazin

The Amazing Bee

Students have been learning about bees, their traits and importance to our environment. They had a bee keeper come in and share his expertise earlier this week. He showed the children hives, pollen, honeycombs, beeswax, pollen and more! They have been charting the facts they learn and did a honey tasting and charted which type was was a tie! They also created some beautiful honeycomb artwork. They used large bubble wrap and made yellow and orange paint prints on white paper. They then used our rubber print blocks, black paint and scratching tools to create the bee prints, which where then cut out and placed on the honeycomb back ground. They turned out "bee-utiful!" Te


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