Field Trip Fun

The Butterfly class had such a fun field trip this week to the Craft Factory in Multnomah Village! They got to choose a craft base and then lots of beautiful parts and pieces and accessories to add sparkle, texture and interest. It was a great way for the kids to use repurposed and recycled materials in their art. They created some amazing masterpieces! Each one is one of a kind!


The children at the preschool are such amazing artists with great ideas! We work on a variety of projects, some with specific instructions on what the final image should look like...a flower, an instrument, an insect, etc. Its so fun to see how each child can take the same subject matter and make it uniquely their own!! Other times the children can choose their own subject matter. Today, some of our older students wanted to use the watercolor paint and oil pastels. There were hearts, robots, golden pear trees, rainbows and much, much more! They loved the process of coloring or drawing with the oil pastels and then painting the watercolors on top. As they added the watercolors, they dis

Squiggly, Wiggly Worms

Recently we created a large worm jar for the kids to study and observe. To an empty animal cracker jar, we added soil, compost and some worms that a teacher student brought in to share with the class. Oatmeal is great worm-food so we put some of that in as well. The kids loved watching the process and seeing the worms. The jar is now in our science area so they can continue to observe them for a few weeks and then the worms and nutrient rich dirt will be added to our vegetable garden!

Moon Sand/Cloud Dough Fun

We made our own Moon Sand, sometimes called "Cloud Dough." We mixed a small bag of flour with 1.5 small bottles of baby oil (from the dollar store). It comes out to about 8 cups of flour for each cup of oil. The children took turns adding the flour and oil into a plastic tub and then blending it all with their hands! They loved adding plastic insects to their play as well. The kids love it because it is super soft and clumps together much more than ordinary sand. It's a great tactile play and...bonus...our hands are now baby soft! :)


While some may not like creepy, crawly creatures with 6 legs, our preschoolers find them to be fascinating! We have been studying their 3 body parts...the head, thorax and abdomen. The children have been reading books about insects, observing and drawing preserved insects at the science table and creating their own (much cuter than real) bugs!! To create their giant bugs, they first painted papers with a lot of different colors and some patterns. They cut out all the body parts and glued them on to black paper.


The science table in the Butterfly class is all about nests right now! The children have 2 nests to study and observe. They can look at each detail with magnifying glasses and do observational drawings of what they see! They like to imagine the birds, eggs and hatchlings that may have previously inhabited the nests.


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