Windblown...What do you see?

We recently read Windblown by Édouard Manceau. It's the story of some pieces of paper blown by the wind that many animals, the chicken, the fish, the bird, etc. all believe belong to them. On each page, the children see how these few pieces of paper can be so many different things. After finishing the book, the children were given pieces of paper to cut into the same shapes as in the book. They then decided what they wanted their shapes to "be" and glued them down. They used a black pen to draw in lines and details to finish their unique creations. We love the creatures and objects they came up with!

The Believe Art Walk Event

This year's Believe Art Walk event is amazing! The children have created many different pieces of art throughout the year and it has come together to create a beautiful collection. For some pieces, the children learned about different artists like Picasso and Monet, and then created art that evokes the "feel" of those great masters. For others, the art ties in to their studies such as the recycled object fish they made while studying oceans. So many different mediums were used to create the art, from finger paint to oil pastels to chalk to clay and more! They were so excited to show their parents and other guests their masterpieces! The show continues this weekend after each of the Mass

Beating the Heat

It's been extra hot here this week and the kids have been finding ways to beat the heat at recess. Their games and role playing have moved to the shady areas near the wall and under the play structure. The "lunch bunch" crew have been helping Teacher Amanda keep our beautiful flowers and garden area healthy and watered as well. 10 more days until our school pool party end-of-the-year celebration!


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