Color Books

The children in the Butterflies class have been creating beautiful "color books.' Each child has a long piece of white paper folded 4 times accordion style. They select collage materials in each color and glue them onto their paper. Once the colored materials are in place, they paint over the pieces in the matching color. When they are finished, they have a beautiful book they can open and close!

Colored Salt Chalk Art

The Sprouts class has been learning to make colored salt by using chalk! We pour a few tablespoons of regular table salt into a small container. Next, the kids take a large piece of "sidewalk" chalk and grind and stir it into the salt. The color transfers onto the salt. (It's a great way to help build strength and coordination in their hands)! We then help them pour the salt into glass vessels using a funnel. We love displaying the layered colors on our classroom window ledges! This would be an easy project to try at home as well!

Sunflower Observational Drawing and Painting

This time of year the Sunflowers are in bloom and they are a perfect subject of study for preschoolers! Their scale and size makes them easy for the kids to see all of their parts and colors. And of course, they are just so cheerful! Students planted some Sunflower seeds in the Spring around the preschool and parish grounds. We have snipped a few of them to bring inside and placed in vases. The kids can look at them up close and do observational drawing, examine with magnifying glasses, pick the seeds out with tweezers and more! Our Seedlings class has been working on drawing and painting these beautiful buds and their creations will soon be displayed in the classroom.

Mixed Up Chameleon

We are back to school for the year and have loved getting to know all the new students and greeting our returning kids and seeing how much everyone has grown and changed over the Summer! In our First Day of Sprouts class (3 year olds), Teacher Amanda read The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle. The story is about a Chameleon who tries out the various colors of the animals in the zoo, only to discover that he's happiest being his own, green and shining, self! It was a great way to introduce their first art projects of the year using beautiful colors for one, and creating a self portrait for the other. The children loved mixing and blending paints to create new colors and using objects and to


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