Autumn Leaves

"Red, orange, yellow, brown, Autumn leaves are falling down, down, down..." This is a favorite song at the Preschool as the lawns, sidewalks and streets around us are filling up with a colorful blanket of leaves. We have been reading books about leaves, singing songs and making beautiful leaf art! The children loved painting leaves and making prints on paper. The resulting artwork is beautiful! The leaf art in our hallways is surely something to "Fall for!"

Sensory Tables and How They Teach

We love using Sensory Tables in our classrooms! At the sensory table, the children are learning in a variety of ways. They are touching, scooping, measuring, pouring, sifting, as well as sharing, cooperating, negotiating and learning to manage their bodies. As they gather around the table, they are experiencing concepts such as gravity and weight. They get to see "what will happen if?" They are also working in close contact with each other so they are learning they must take turns with the implements and practice keeping their bodies and the materials under their control. They work together to create imaginary fun such as building landscapes like hills and valleys, making "food," or en

Sunflowers, Up Close

Beautiful sunflowers have been growing outside the preschool. We took a class on a nature walk around our campus and picked some of the large, yellow beauties to bring into the classroom and examine up close. The children used magnifying glasses to see each detail of the flower's petals, the center and the seeds. They then did observation painting of the flowers. Next, they took tweezers and plucked the seeds from the flower. This is a great exercise for little hands and really helps their fine motor skills. Finally, they could count and sort the seeds. These flowers have given us so much to work with, from their planting in the Spring, to harvesting the seeds in the Fall!

The Science of Penny Cleaning

The Sprouts class recently completed a fun, mini, science project using pennies, table salt and vinegar. We gave each child an old, discolored penny which they placed in a small container. We poured vinegar into small baby food jars and added eye droppers. The children squeezed a few drops of the vinegar onto the pennies and then sprinkled some salt on top. They used a q-tip to rub the pennies. The children loved seeing how bright and shiny the pennies became!


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