Painted and Textured Winter Scene

Teacher Tresa worked with the Sunflower class to create a painted paper winter scene. The children learned about tints and shades as they painted Christmas trees. They added white to their green paint to get a lighter color, making their tree look as if it is partly covered in snow. Painted and texturized papers were torn and cut, then used to create the final project. The children tried out several color combinations for their “hills.” Some liked complementary colors, while others preferred to stay in the same color family. Teacher Tresa met with the students a few days after the first part of the project to reflect on whether they might add to it or if the children think it is comple

Happy Thanksgiving!

We've really enjoyed preparing for Thanksgiving with the preschool. We've been reading books about family and gratitude and, of course, turkeys who never get eaten on Thanksgiving day. The children have been listing the things they are thankful for. We've sang silly Turkey songs and creating Thanksgiving artwork has been keeping us busy! The Seedlings class even converted their giant painted paper pumpkins from October into giant Turkeys! Talk about a double duty project! We hope all of our preschool community's families have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Celebrating Democracy

It's Election Day in America and we wanted the preschool children to experience voting just like the adults! The children created voter ID cards with their images on them. They each went into a private voting booth and were give a ballot to vote for their favorite candidate : Cheese Pizza or Pepperoni Pizza. They also voted for a policy: kids have to wear coats at recess OR they can choose to wear or not to wear their coats at recess. The winners: Cheese Pizza by a landslide and a new policy: kids can choose whether they want to wear their coats at recess! It was a fun way for them to learn about how their opinion matters! They celebrated the results with a Pizza Party!

Erosion Lesson

How do you make science interesting for preschoolers? Fill a latex glove with colorful trinkets, sequins and toys for a hand-shaped ice "cube" the kids can help melt! One of our amazing parent volunteers created this fun lesson for our Butterflies class. She filled gloves plastic rings and toys and then water. The children each received the hand-shaped ice in a tray and were given a salt water mixture, squeeze bottles and droppers and brushes to help melt the ice, release the trinkets and learn about erosion!


Fresh apples are one of our favorite things about Autumn! We find ways to incorporate them into everything from art to books to science to snacks and more! The Sprouts class made apple sauce and loved using butter knives to help chop the apples they brought from home. The results were delicious! The Butterflies class used apples to study density. They asked the question, "Will an Apple Sink or Float," and then charted the results. The kids also loved dipping apples into paint and making beautiful art!


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