Dads and Donuts

We loved having Dads, Grandpas, moms and other special friends at the school with us this Wednesday for "Dads and Donuts." The kids were so excited to show their guests around their classrooms and introduce them to their friends! They made amazing wood and cork creations and shared some delicious donuts! Each child had prepared special artwork for their dads, which were displayed on the walls. The Butterflies class drew their favorite things to do with their dads, painted the pictures and wrote about it. The Sprouts Class drew their dad's portraits, wrote "dad" (or in one case, wanted to learn how to write dad's given name). They were so proud to show their dad's their work!

The Mitten

We recently read "The Mitten" by Jan Brett. The children love the story of how little Nickie drops his new, white mitten in the snow and one-by-one, forrest animals find it and crawl inside and make themselves at home. They love seeing the beautifully drawn animals, imagining their fur and teeth and claws and how they'd all get along bundled into the tight space together. After hearing the story, the Sprouts cut out the shape of a mitten and drew their favorite animals snuggled up inside of it.


In the Sprouts Class, Teacher Amanda and the children made their own snow! The children loved adding and mixing the ingredients, feeling the cool, squishy texture and enjoying the smell! (You can purchase inexpensive Conditioner at the Dollar Store). They took: 1/2 Cup Conditioner 2 Cups Baking Soda That's it! Just stirred together or mixed by hand, it creates fluffy, soft snow! Ours even smelled like coconuts! :)

Christmas Frame Gift

The children were excited to make gifts for their parents this Christmas season (though they had to deliver them a bit late due to our December snow days)! Our youngest class, the Seedlings, made their parents beautiful, green painted frames with red painted puzzle pieces. A photo of each child was taken against our brick wall outside and then printed in black and white. We took plain, wooden frames and had the children paint them green. We used old puzzles with missing pieces, etc., around the outside of the frames. They were first painted white to cover the original image a bit. The children then painted over them with red paint. We wrapped them in white paper the children decorated wit


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