Building Houses

The Butterflies class have been studying houses. They look at images of houses and see what shapes comprise them. They are constructing houses out of various materials and designs using what they have learned about shapes. Two of their Building projects are on display in the hallway. The first they constructed out of craft/popsicle sticks glued into shapes on black paper. They filled in the shapes with oil pastels. They made squares, triangles and rectangles with the sticks, breaking some into smaller pieces to fit their design. They look amazing! Next week we will explore their second building design.

Learning about Baptism

The preschoolers have been learning about baptism as part of their faith formation. They had so many questions about baptism and what their own may have been like, so we took them to the church to demonstrate baptism with baby dolls. They loved gathering around the Font and learning about the different parts of the sacrament from the water to the oil to the candle. We talked about the promises parents and Godparents make to raise the baby and to help them form their faith. It was such a fun, hands on experience for the kids!

Happy St. Valentine's Day

We love celebrating holidays like St. Valentine's Day with the children. They are having parties with their classes, handing out Valentine cards to their classmates and enjoying some delicious treats. The Grandparents Day event tomorrow will also be a St. Valentine's Day theme. There are so many great books for kids about friendship and love. The kids really enjoyed "The Gift of Nothing," which teaches them that time together with friends and loved ones is the greatest gift. The children have been making a lot of beautiful "heart art." The Seedlings class drew rainbow colored hearts with oil pastel and choose warm or cool watercolor paint to layer on top. They did some other colored hea

"Loose Parts" Snowflakes

Children naturally love to sort, manipulate and play. Providing them with interesting, varied materials and allowing them to create is a great way to enhance their learning. These varied materials are often called "loose parts" in a classroom setting and can be used for open-ended play. The Butterflies recently created amazing and intricate snowflakes with an assortment of items. Glass marbles and rectangles, q-tips and gems came together to create one-of-a-kind art. The kid's ability to make symmetrical objects with varied sizes and shapes is amazing! These small parts and pieces can not only be part of visual art, but can be added to block building, kitchen and home area play and more!

Mirror, Mirror

We use mirrors in a variety of ways at the school. Kids love to see their reflections and are often fascinated with seeing themselves move and play. When they build and play in front of a mirror, they can see their structures from every angle and add dimension to their work. The children often make self-portraits and use a mirror to examine their features. Its a great way for the children to see themselves in their environment as they are developing their own self-image. Mirrors also bring light and openness to a space.


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