How Does Your Garden Grow?

The days are finally turning a bit warmer and we think we remember seeing the sun once or twice so far this Spring! The children have been learning about gardens and where flowers, fruits and vegetables are grown. They have been planting seeds in the classrooms and plants in our preschool garden on the playground. They love digging in the dirt and placing the seeds or small plants and taking turns indoors watering them with a spray bottle. The rain has been doing an excellent job of keeping our outdoor garden hydrated! We can't wait until our garden is ready to harvest and the children can taste the fruit of their labor!

Earth Day Projects

In preparation for Earth Day, the Sprouts Class planted grass seeds in a bin in the classroom. They loved adding the seeds to the soil and mixing it together and then gently watering it. After the long, Easter Weekend, they came back to school to see the seeds had already sprouted! They were so excited!! They will keep studying the grass to see it grow taller and taller! The students also did some observational painting of some beautiful tulips they picked themselves outside the church and school! They loved mixing the magenta and blue paint to create a beautiful purple shade and blue and yellow for the green stems and leaves!

Treasure Rocks/Easter Eggs

Some of our classes have been experimenting with treasure rocks or, for this week, treasure Easter Eggs! Items Needed: Water, baking soda, food coloring, small treasures or coins and vinegar 1. Water and a few drops of food coloring are added to baking soda until a thick paste is formed. 2. This is rolled into a rock (or egg) shape around a small "treasure" like a coin or little toy. 3. It can be left out to dry or placed in the freezer for extra hardening. 4. Once dried a bit, the kids use medicine droppers to drop vinegar onto the rock. 5. This begins to dissolve the "rocks" and the treasure is revealed! The kids love watching it fizzle and bubble and are so excited to find the treasur

In the Garden

We have been learning about gardens, vegetables and flowers with the children. The Sprouts class has been reading books about gardens and creating their own gardens with painted paper. They have been studying the preschool garden on the playground for changes and have noticed the tulips are about to bloom and the Kale leaves are growing larger! For the painted paper garden, the children first drew lines with oil pastels and crayons on white water color paper. They then painted one brown for the soil and the other paper blue for the sky. They took painted paper cut into shapes and glued their "vegetables" onto their project. Orange carrots and purple beets grow inside the soil. The tomat


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