Diving into Our Ocean Study

The Sprouts class is beginning an Ocean Study to finish out this school year. The children love reading books about sea creatures, playing with ocean animal toys and making ocean-themed art! Today we talked about the things they like about the ocean, how to be safe around water and how our rivers flow into the sea! They have just begun their jellyfish art projects and they are beautiful so far!! The children are spreading glue onto paper jellyfish bodies and then attaching painted paper squares like in a mosaic. They are then selecting bubble wrap strips, yarn and ribbon pieces to add on for the wavy tentacles. We can't wait to see the final product!

Repurposed Material and Farm Sensory Tables

We love changing the sensory tables to correspond with what the children are learning about, and interested in, at school. Recently, Teacher Amanda created an awesome "reused materials" sensory table. She used packing material, wine corks, canisters and bottles and even the green lids from the applesauce the children had been enjoying for snack. It was so fun for the kids to see these things that would normally be tossed out or recycled being repurposed first (and then recycled)! They loved sifting and sorting through all the materials. The next table idea came from our Luscher Farm field trip. In preparation of our outing, we read a lot of farm books with the kids and got out farm animal


We have some some new friends in two of our preschool classrooms. The children are so excited to share their space with tadpoles! They have been learning about how tadpoles go though a metamorphosis from eggs that hatch into swimming tadpoles, into froglets, (when their bodies shrink and their legs form) and finally, into frogs! They love observing the tadpoles in their tanks and feeding them. They get up-close views with magnifying glasses. The Sunflowers class has also been drawing tadpoles and making adorable "frog" art with their own photos, frog heads and bodies on tissue paper lily pads!

Fresh Flower Exploration

This week we brought in fresh flowers and herbs for the children to explore. They loved using scissors to snip the stems, trim the leaves and make piles of clippings! They could then "arrange" the plants in jars of water. They loved smelling the rosemary and lavender as they worked. It was a great way for them to practice their scissor skills and build strength in their hands too!


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