Making Applesauce

We made Applesauce in class this week and the children loved it! Parents had brought in apples from a trip to the orchard. We cleaned them and the children helped turn the handle on the peeler/slicer/corer contraption. They loved seeing the spirals of peels coming off of the apples! We placed the cut apples inside a crock pot and gave the kids plastic knives and plates to use to cut and chop up the peels. They loved smelling the apples as they played. The kids also helped measure and pour (and smell) cinnamon and sugar and stir them into the applesauce. We cooked the apples with those ingredients and a little bit of water. After a few hours, we used an immersion blender to make the ap

Fall Window Art

We made some beautiful fall window art with the Seedlings class! The kids love sticking materials onto sticky contact paper. We taped a long sheet of contact paper sticky-side-up onto our table. We then provided the kids with a variety of materials to adhere to the paper. They loved using the real leaves collected on a leaf hunt! They also used tissue paper squares, pieces of lace and ribbon and sequins for sparkle and shine! We added a second sheet of contact paper on top of the first to seal it all together and taped the up in our classroom windows!

Pete the Cat Shoe Art

We love"Pete the Cat" books at the preschool! "Pete the Cat: I love My White Shoes" was a fun addition to our Seedling's color study. James Dean and Eric Litwin's books are fun with catchy, receptive words the children easily remember. The graphics are cheerful, colorful and bright! The message of this one is that "It's all cool" as Pete takes life's curveballs in stride. We have been reading the book in class and decided to make our own white shoes. We used a basic high top shoe shape and cut it out of thick, white paper. The children then used watercolors to mimic all the things Pete steps in (berries, mud, etc.) during the story, changing the color of his shoes. They added a black


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