Stained Glass Christmas Trees

We love having artwork in our classroom windows so we can enjoy them from both inside and outside the school! The Seedlings class created beautiful, stained glass Christmas trees out of construction paper and tissue paper. We folded 2 rectangular pieces of green construction paper in half and cut out a shape of an evergreen tree (we saved the tree shape we cut out to use in another project and were left with the outside "frame" piece). Because we used 2 pieces of paper at once, we have 2 identical shapes. The children placed square, colorful pieces of tissue paper in and on one of the frames, and when it was all full, we placed the other frame on top. We then ran them through the laminat

How We Use Graphing and Posters in Our Classes

Graphs are a great, visual, way to learn about math concepts and reinforce mathematical thinking. Graphs and posters are both tools that we can use to help kids develop vocabulary as well. We can use graphs and posters with each class at the preschool in different ways. In this first graph, the Sprouts made a chart with their favorite colors. The children were able to choose their favorite shades of paint chips and they were added to the graph. They could then visually see which colors were chosen the least and most. They could make comparisons. These are all great concepts to help kids develop their mathematical thinking. The Sunflowers class made a poster with a recipe for applesauce

Hands on Literacy Activities

Children love hearing familiar stories. That's why they ask for a favorite book to be read over and over again. They love being able to predict what will happen next and they learn so much through repetition. Reading stories many times is really beneficial for children's emerging literacy skills. Giving children a hands-on way to explore stories is another way to help with their language development. The Seedlings class loves the story of the 3 Little Pigs. We have been using a story glove (a glove on which we attach character and setting pieces with velcro) to tell the story of the Three Little Pigs. The children love when the big, bad wolf huffs and puffs and they all help "blow the

Celebrating Halloween

We love celebrating holidays here at the preschool with the children! Halloween is one that they get particularly excited about! For weeks before Halloween they talk about their costumes and the candy they will receive trick or treating. The teachers dress in costumes as do the children for the class parties. Each class parades up to the parish office where they trick or treat. They then celebrate with a class party, often planned by parent volunteers. We have been using Halloween stories, songs, art activities and more! Our sensory tables even got into the Halloween spirit. The first one has dried beans, orange ping pong ball "pumpkins," gourds and pumpkins and Halloween mini erasers.


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