The Amazing Bee

Students have been learning about bees, their traits and importance to our environment. They had a bee keeper come in and share his expertise earlier this week. He showed the children hives, pollen, honeycombs, beeswax, pollen and more! They have been charting the facts they learn and did a honey tasting and charted which type was was a tie! They also created some beautiful honeycomb artwork. They used large bubble wrap and made yellow and orange paint prints on white paper. They then used our rubber print blocks, black paint and scratching tools to create the bee prints, which where then cut out and placed on the honeycomb back ground. They turned out "bee-utiful!" Teacher Mary has been reading the book UnBEElivable to the students, which contains bee poems and interesting facts about Bees. The science center is now full of bee info and the awesome honeycombs, wax, etc. brought in by the beekeeper. They children can study it up close with the magnifying glasses.

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