Mixed Up Chameleon

We are back to school for the year and have loved getting to know all the new students and greeting our returning kids and seeing how much everyone has grown and changed over the Summer!

In our First Day of Sprouts class (3 year olds), Teacher Amanda read The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle.

The story is about a Chameleon who tries out the various colors of the animals in the zoo, only to discover that he's happiest being his own, green and shining, self! It was a great way to introduce their first art projects of the year using beautiful colors for one, and creating a self portrait for the other.

The children loved mixing and blending paints to create new colors and using objects and tools to make patterns on the paper for their "painted paper" project.

Each child also used a mirror to look at their faces and then draw a self portrait. They drew circles for their faces and added the details of their features like eyes, noses and mouths. Some kids added eye lashes and "signed" their names to their portraits.

We love seeing how each child is expressing their unique selves already!

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