Sensory Tables and How They Teach

We love using Sensory Tables in our classrooms! At the sensory table, the children are learning in a variety of ways. They are touching, scooping, measuring, pouring, sifting, as well as sharing, cooperating, negotiating and learning to manage their bodies. As they gather around the table, they are experiencing concepts such as gravity and weight. They get to see "what will happen if?" They are also working in close contact with each other so they are learning they must take turns with the implements and practice keeping their bodies and the materials under their control. They work together to create imaginary fun such as building landscapes like hills and valleys, making "food," or endless other creative play.

There are infinite possibilities for filling the sensory tables. Some recent fillers have included a variety of dried beans and corn with bright scoops and bowls as well as rice with sparkly shapes and Scrabble letters. (The children love to look for the letters in their name)!

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