Wintery Trees

The Seedlings and Sprouts classes have been working on evergreen trees in their art. The Seedlings painted large sheets of white and green paper with a mixture of blue and yellow paint to create lovely shades of green! They were then cut out into triangle shapes and assembled into trees for our hallways. The Sprouts classes have been working on painting, cutting, gluing and drawing. They created a watercolor blue background and sprinkled them with salt for a wintery sky. Then then painted green paper, which was cut into triangles and they arranged and glued them on to their papers. Brown painted music sheets made rectangular tree trunks to complete the picture. The children drew themselves next to their Christmas trees and told us about the trees they have at home. They are "big," "shiny" and "pretty!" The Sprouts have also been cutting their own triangles and gluing onto black paper for another Christmas-time project. We think they are all amazing!

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