Happy St. Valentine's Day

We love celebrating holidays like St. Valentine's Day with the children. They are having parties with their classes, handing out Valentine cards to their classmates and enjoying some delicious treats. The Grandparents Day event tomorrow will also be a St. Valentine's Day theme.

There are so many great books for kids about friendship and love. The kids really enjoyed "The Gift of Nothing," which teaches them that time together with friends and loved ones is the greatest gift.

The children have been making a lot of beautiful "heart art." The Seedlings class drew rainbow colored hearts with oil pastel and choose warm or cool watercolor paint to layer on top. They did some other colored hearts and paint, there are some beautiful, torn-paper layered collage hearts (with glitter)! adorning the hallways and more! They all turned out beautifully! We hope everyone has a wonderful and love-filled St. Valentine's Day!

To make these beautiful collage hearts, a heart shape was drawn on black paper with white chalk. Painted paper (some with black paint splatters and texture), were torn into small pieces. The children fit the paper together inside the drawn lines to create a heart shape and then layered on glue and gold glitter. They are beautiful!!

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