Math and Science Night Fun

We had a great time at Math and Science Night last week! It was a fun chance to interact with families inside the classroom. The kids were really excited to see what was going on in each classroom and especially to see what their own teachers had created for them to do with their guests.

In the Seedling's and Sprout's classroom, they had a lot of cool activities that were a big hit with not only the students and their parents, but their older and younger siblings as well!

The Mini Volcanos had the kids mixing vinegar (dyed red with food coloring) with baking soda. They used small droppers to add the vinegar and loved seeing it foam and bubble as they two came together.

Cookie Jar math had the kids counting paper "cookies" and adding them to the correct cookie jars.

The Dancing Raisins used clear soda and raises to show how the raisins danced and moved around the liquid due to the carbonation.

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