Celebrating Halloween

We love celebrating holidays here at the preschool with the children! Halloween is one that they get particularly excited about! For weeks before Halloween they talk about their costumes and the candy they will receive trick or treating. The teachers dress in costumes as do the children for the class parties. Each class parades up to the parish office where they trick or treat. They then celebrate with a class party, often planned by parent volunteers. We have been using Halloween stories, songs, art activities and more!

Our sensory tables even got into the Halloween spirit. The first one has dried beans, orange ping pong ball "pumpkins," gourds and pumpkins and Halloween mini erasers. The children love to use bowls to scoop and pour the beans and sift through them for the erasers.

This sensory table has black and orange dyed rice, lots of little toys and trinkets, pipe cleaners, hidden letters, bath poufs, pumpkin gems , erasers, buckets and more! The children can use these awesome skeleton hands for raking through the materials!

After Halloween is the perfect time to cut open some mini pumpkins and turn them into boats and floats for plastic toys! These "Little People" love their pumpkin ride!

Our teachers love to get into the Halloween spirit with costumes that relate to the children's interests. From favorite storybook characters and themes to fairytales and movies, the kids got a big kick out of seeing their teachers in silly outfits!

The children love to wear their costumes at school. Each child in our Seedlings class got to pose in front of the giant pumpkins they had painted!

Some of our awesome volunteer parents created games and activities for the class parties. This class got to make mini pumpkin "mummies!" They love wrapping masking tape around the pumpkins and sticking wiggly eye stickers to them.

The kids love using toy hammers to pound golf tees into a pumpkin!!

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