Hands on Literacy Activities

Children love hearing familiar stories. That's why they ask for a favorite book to be read over and over again. They love being able to predict what will happen next and they learn so much through repetition. Reading stories many times is really beneficial for children's emerging literacy skills. Giving children a hands-on way to explore stories is another way to help with their language development.

The Seedlings class loves the story of the 3 Little Pigs. We have been using a story glove (a glove on which we attach character and setting pieces with velcro) to tell the story of the Three Little Pigs. The children love when the big, bad wolf huffs and puffs and they all help "blow the houses down!" We tell the story with the glove during circle time and the children love joining in with lines they all remember.

We also provided the children with a hands-on play invitation with features from the story. Raffia becomes the house of straw, Lincoln Logs become the house of sticks, red, wooden blocks become the house of bricks. The children created "homes" from these materials for plastic piggies and used toy dogs as the "big bad wolf." They loved retelling the story through their play!

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