How We Use Graphing and Posters in Our Classes

Graphs are a great, visual, way to learn about math concepts and reinforce mathematical thinking. Graphs and posters are both tools that we can use to help kids develop vocabulary as well. We can use graphs and posters with each class at the preschool in different ways.

In this first graph, the Sprouts made a chart with their favorite colors. The children were able to choose their favorite shades of paint chips and they were added to the graph. They could then visually see which colors were chosen the least and most. They could make comparisons. These are all great concepts to help kids develop their mathematical thinking.

The Sunflowers class made a poster with a recipe for applesauce they used in class. They used drawings with labels for each ingredient. Then the step by step instructions they used followed. This is a great way to reinforce literacy skills and following directions with a hands-on project.

The graph below was also done by the Sprouts class. They went on a nature walk and made a graph of each color leaf they found.

The Butterflies class recently made play dough and the poster below contains photos of their project. They love to see themselves in documentation like this. The recipe is written out and this can help with their early reading skills.

In the chart below, the Seedlings looked at different types of vehicles and each choose their favorite one. We made simple tally marks to show each child's "vote." They can look at the chart and see which one the most kids liked.

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